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Bio-RefineryBYOXY is leading a transformative shift in the epoxy industry by introducing the world's safest, high-performance, ASTM-6866 certified 100% Bio-Epoxy resin, setting a new standard for sustainability and innovation. Our unique, patented Bio-Epoxy is completely bisphenol / BPA-free, aligning with our commitment to environmental and human health. 

In contrast to conventional petrochemical producers, BYOXY is dedicated to ethical practices and minimizing our ecological impact. We are focused on providing industries with non-toxic resins, tailored to their specific requirements, offering bespoke resin formulations powered by the only 100% Bio-Epoxy available on the market.

Embracing a decentralized production model, we aim to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, striving to become the first carbon-negative player in the epoxy industry. This approach not only promotes environmental stewardship but also ensures stable pricing for our customers, positioning us as the preferred manufacturer of high-performing bio-epoxies.

We aim to make a positive impact on the future of our planet, fostering a more sustainable and resilient world for generations to come. Join us in our journey toward a greener, healthier future with BYOXY Bio-Epoxy resin.

What's Epoxy used for?BYOXY is the partner of choice for many Industries


Clear and coloured coatings for construction and marine applications

Use in electronics/electrical components/LEDs

Safe for electrical circuit boards or composite materials; in plastics for car light or traffic light lenses.