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Bio-RefineryBYOXY wants to revolutionise the epoxy industry by offering the world's safest, high performance 100% Bio-Epoxy and the first that is certified as BPA free. 

We want to establish ourselves as a sustainable and innovative player, in comparison to all the existing petrochemical producers out there, that have very questionable morals and such a destructive impact on the planet.

We want to give all industries the opportunity to use non-toxic materials by producing bespoke resin formulations based on their specific needs, with the only 100% Bio-Epoxy on the market.

We want our production to operate in a decentralized system, which will help to reduce our ecological footprint, with the goal of becoming the first carbon negative player in the field. This approach will also help to keep our costs at a stable price, making us the manufacturer of choice, when it comes to high performing bio-epoxies.

We finally want to support sustainability organizations in the fields of reforestation, ocean protection and social programs, to help contribute in a positive way to the future of our planet.

What's Epoxy used for?BYOXY is the partner of choice for many Industries


Clear and coloured coatings for construction and marine applications

Use in electronics/electrical components/LEDs

Safe for electrical circuit boards or composite materials; in plastics for car light or traffic light lenses.