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Bio-Arc Dome

Building project – The Bio arc domes and structural membrane designs are using a set of methods and techniques which are able to create a broad variety of different architectural designs using one single Modular building system comprised of: ‚óŹ A…

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Waterproof Membrane

Building project – BYOXY and our Indonesian partner BambooU have used BYOXY coated cottons as a beautiful and low-cost waterproof roofing material. This meditation room and an adjacent electrical room were recently constructed in Bali using BYOXY for fabric coating and…

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Bamboo Construction Project

Building project – BYOXY is building a stand-alone bamboo kitchen of 150 square meters of total floor space at the new BambooU campus in Ubud, Bali. The dwelling will incorporate BYOXY innovations to make the first example of modern bamboo architecture…

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